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clan_primer's Journal

Insights on Foes You Have Defeated
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Welcome to Clan Primer, a community devoted to the project of transcribing all of the information held within Final Fantasy XII's in-game bestiary. The goal of this community is to create a resource of knowledge that can be easily organized and searched through via LJ's tag and memory functions.

This community is also more or less a giant shrine of adoration to FFXII's translators, Alexander O. Smith and Joseph Reeder, who set new levels of excellence with this game's translation. We know Alexander O. Smith knows how to google himself, so, hi, Alex! We love you! We love you and Mr. Reeder so much we want to write down every word you wrote! We humbly request not to be sued.

The community moderators and maintainers are beeblebabe and relvetica

Initial posts will be moderated, for purposes of quality assurance, double checking, and anal-retentive tagging by the mods. If you've got the formatting down, you'll get unmoderated posting access. Bestiary posts only in this community, however. For discussion and other whatnot, please see clan_centurio. Updates and other whatnot will go there. This place is for the meat.

Please do not duplicate these transcriptions elsewhere without permission. Doing this takes a bit of work, so credit should be given where it is due. A complete text-file version for inclusion on GameFAQS and other such places will probably be in the works after the project is complete. Please link to entries at ff12bestiary.com.

You may not want to watch this journal; it will be prone to floods. Friend clan_centurio instead. The management will not be held responsible for any overwhelmed friends lists.

  • FF12 Bestiary, community website!
  • Bestiary master list.
  • Tag list.
  • Memories.

  • Consult the master list to see if the entry has been posted.
  • Please call dibs in the comments of the master list. It may also be helpful to call dibs in a post on clan_centurio, too, just so everyone knows what's going on.
  • One post per bestiary entry. It's tedious, but we want to be able to tag things individually. And this means you actually have to find all of those damn Mandragora Princes before you can post about them.
  • The subject line should contain: the number of the monster (from master list), the area the monster is found in, and the name of the monster.
  • The post's body should contain the genus and species, if applicable.
  • Please mark page breaks with [1/3], [2/3], [3/3], etc.
  • Follow in-game formatting as closely as possible. Paragraph breaks, bolding to represent color changes, italics, etc.
  • No lj-cuts. Most of these entries are short, and we want them out and proud!
  • When finished, comment on the master list so the entry may be marked off. Tagging and filing to memories will be taken care of by the mods.


    Subject Line:
    1. The Dalmasca Sands: Cactoid

    Post Body
    GENUS: Plant

    [1/2] Observations:

    Being a mischievous, mean-spirited beastie, mercifully lacking the intelligence to do any real damage.

    Sproutlings are called cactites. A rare strain is noted for its proclivity to sprout a scarlet blossom; that being seldom seen, of the highest value, and considered a sign of miraculous good fortune by sensitive young lovers with a tolerance for needles.

    [2/2] The Adventurer's Handbook:

    Ye adventurers only beginning on your travels: your first task should well be the collection of 1,000 needles from the fickle cactoid.

    Upon plucking this collection, you will not only find yourself the proud owner of a bundle of needles, but possessed of great experience in interminable combat withal, and, should you sell it, a pittance of coin.

    If making a bundle exceeds your capacities, the adventurer is urged to reconsider his or her vocation and take up employ around town. Adventuring is not all fun and games, mark you.

    Let's transcribe like crazy, kids!